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Frequently Asked Questions
Legal Documents 18
Terms of service, privacy policy and related
Policies 1
Resource consumption policies and other possible limits, QoS detailed information
Procedures for special cases and fraud handling 2
Rules for special cases of ServerAstra service usage (hosting, VPS/VDS, Tor, mailing lists, proxies etc)
Reporting abuse 2
Abuse complaint handling procedures

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SLA agreement
This document includes additional important provisions to the ServerAstra Terms of Service:...
ServerAstra General Terms and Conditions
ServerAstra Ltd. Co. General Terms and Conditions of Services By signing up for and/or...
Administrative Support
System Administration Administrative support is currently represented by the following options:...
ServerAstra Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy Effective date: 2019-05-31 The data of the Data Controller: Company Name:...
Termination without refunds, fraud handling
Here at ServerAstra we constantly monitor our infrastructure and suspend and terminate accounts...
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