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Datacenter transfer (Scheduled)

Affecting Other - Network | Priority - High

Dear Customers,

We had to postpone the transfer from November to December due to technical issues.

December 09, 2021, at 22:00 CET point of presence Hungary, Budapest - we will start moving our equipment to our new datacenter space.

Due to the necessity for the physical movement of systems, we will have to disconnect the systems in a particular order for a downtime of at least 15 minutes per system.

Our chat system will be offline for transfer duration for support cases. You can use the support ticket system for escalation.

This transfer includes cloud systems, dedicated servers and networking equipment.

1. Network move - 15 minutes downtime for the propagation of new settings.

2. Systems move - 15-minute downtime per rack.

3. 1 hour - maximum acceptable downtime.

If your system remains offline for more than 15 minutes after the shutdown, please escalate the issue in the ticket system.

Estimated time of completion - December 10, 2021, at 03:00 CET

Thank you for understanding and patience

Date - 09-12-2021 22:00 - 10-12-2021 00:00

Last Updated - 09-12-2021 19:21

Website issues (In Progress)

Affecting Other - Knowledgebase unavailable | Priority - Low

Currently the knowledgebase articles are not being rendered. We are trying to resolve the issue ASAP

Date - 17-09-2020 00:00

Last Updated - 17-09-2020 17:27