Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide refunds?

We provide a 7 day refund guarantee for all of our direct services (VPS, Cloud instances and Dedicated servers) if your service usage doesn't violate Terms of Service and additional provisions. We do not provide a refund if we inform beforehand that the service is non-refundable or if we provide those services through our partners. Non-refundable services include but not limited to Domain name registration, Domain name renewals and transfers, SSL certificates, software licenses system administration services and others.

Can I pay using Bitcoin Core / Bitcoin Cash / Ethereum / other cryptocurrencies?

Yes, we accept payments through Bitpay, Coingate and privately developed gateway which provides us with clearing of all popular cryptocurrency variations.

Can I use Webmoney / PerfectMoney to pay ServerAstra invoices?

Unfortunately at the moment Webmoney and PerfectMoney are not accepted

My crypto payment is marked as paid by X, but the invoice is not marked as paid, why? X marked my payment as accepted, but my invoice is still unpaid?

All cryptocurrency processors mark the payment as accepted upon receiving a so-called 0-conf payment, however the payment is marked Completed only on particular Cryptocurrency network confirmation. Upon completion of payment gateway notifies our system with the payment data and the invoice becomes marked as Paid.

We paid using SEPA but our system got suspended, why?

If the SEPA payment does not contain Proforma invoice id (ie SA-PR123456) reference message - system won't be able to automatically process the payment. Manual payment processing is required in such cases, please open a ticket.

Does your company accept DMCA's?

Yes, please send complaints to Make sure you include IP address which is within our network. Otherwise the processing may take up to 90 days and may be discarded due to lack of information to process. We process abuse complaints according to the laws of location of server to which the IP is delegated.

I'm only linking to illegal content, I'm not hosting it.

Linking, hosting or proxying illegal content is still considered illegal. That means it will be handled according to Abuse complaint procedure explained in details in our General Terms and Conditions