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System Administration

Administrative support is currently represented by the following options:

  • Basic
  • Full


Company's system administrators will install and manage the default base system on Customer's server and will continue to update and oversee these services per security announcements within the included monthly work hours. Included:

  • basic security policy application
    • consistency check
    • security updates and upgrades
    • best practices for running services
    • firewall setup
  • 3 hours of troubleshooting and custom software installation per month


Includes everything listed under Basic with addition of:

  • 6 additional hours of troubleshooting and custom software installation
  • drive encryption setup
  • kernel fine-tuning
  • performance analysis
  • general encryption setup
  • security analysis

Company - ServerAstra Ltd.; Customer - the subscriber of the service.

Issued on 2019.05.14

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