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Administrative support is currently represented by the following options:

  • Basic
  • Full (FreeBSD)


Under this option our system administrators will install and manage the Apache+MySQL+PHP or IIS+MSSQL+ASP complex on your server and will continue to update and oversee these applications. Only basic and sufficient protection (chmod, passwords, port changing of SSH, latest releases) will be maintained on the system. Within the Basic option, our system administrators will help with installation of additional software packages using system utilities (only if they are stable enough to binary install or compile in case of ports) and your applications requirements satisfaction.

This option is perfect for you if you wish to have good value for money.


Full (FreeBSD)

Under this option our system administrators will install and manage custom Kernel and software for the best results of your application and the highest possible level of security (the HDD encryption is also possible, but you have to ask for it in the comments or the Trouble ticket system as it is not installed for performance concerns). The Kernel and software will be fine-tuned to bring the best performance for your profit.

If you need the best FreeBSD based solution with state-of-the-art technology, stateful firewall, professional management and oversight, this option is for you.



Company - Azar-A Ltd.; Customer or Client - the subscriber of the service.

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