Frequently Asked Questions
Legal Documents 18
Terms of service, privacy policy and related
Policies 1
Resource consumption policies and other possible limits, QoS detailed information
Reporting abuse 2
Abuse complaint handling procedures
Special Cases 1
Rules for special cases of ServerAstra service usage (hosting, VPS/VDS, Tor, mailing lists, proxies etc)

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SLA agreement
This document includes additional important provisions to the ServerAstra Terms of Service:...
Termination without refunds, fraud handling
Here at ServerAstra we constantly monitor our infrastructure and suspend and terminate accounts...
General Questions
Refunds: Q: Do you provide refunds?A: We provide a 7 day refund guarantee for all of our direct...
Permitted and obligatory Tor exit node policies
If you are using our services to provide an Tor exit node please be advised that only the...
Installing Comodo Certificates on Apache + mod_ssl
Preparation: 1. Extract all of the contents of the ZIP file that was sent to you and copy/move...