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ServerAstra Ltd. Co.

General Terms and Conditions of Services

By signing up for and/or otherwise accessing any of the services or products offered by ServerAstra Ltd. (hereinafter: Provider) you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. These Terms and Conditions supersede all earlier versions.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully and thoroughly, as they describe your legal rights and obligations.

This Agreement is valid with the Service Level Agreement (hereinafter: SLA) and must be interpreted with that. You can find the SLA on the Provider's web-site.

I. General Provisions

I.I. The scope of this Agreement

This agreement shall become effective as of the date of (1) your electronic signature on or acceptance of this Agreement, (2) the activation of your account or (3) your receipt of an e-mail from Provider confirming your order, whichever happens first.

This Agreement is effective for undetermined term.

You may take obligation for 1 year loyalty time contract, in which case you get discounted fee.

Either you or Provider may terminate this Agreement (and your access to your account) at any time with 30 days written notice, or

Provider may terminate this Agreement or suspend your account with no prior notice for a breach of this Agreement.

I.II. The subject of this Agreement

Regulation of relationship between Provider and Customer in case of dedicated server, co-location services, virtual private server (VPS) (VPS), cloud and web-hosting services.

I.III. Rights and obligations of the Contracting Parties

I.III.A./ Rights of the Provider

Regarding the provision of the present GTCs and the SLA the Provider is entitled particularly:

  • to handle the data of the Customer in line with the relevant legal laws and regulations during the contracting period, after the contract is terminated the Provider is entitled to save the data for purposes set out as in the fulfilment of his accountancy obligations Privacy Policy ( available at our website (the contract is an accountancy voucher)
  • voucher).
  • to suspend the provision of the Service temporarily or to terminate the contract with immediate effect and without any previous notification, in case the Customer breached obligations under the Agreement or these GTCs, especially when they failed to pay agreed Price in due period or when they breached obligations of this Agreement;
  • to remove from their devices any data concerning the Customer and Customer's domain, in case the Customer repeatedly or seriously breached their obligations under the Agreement or these GTCs;
  • to restrict temporarily reserved disk space for the Customer, transfer speed for the Customer or other Customer's activities to a level defined in the SLA, in case previous Customer's activities would cause a threat or a substantial limitation of fluency or functionality of devices of the Provider, of their subcontractors or of activities of other Customers;
  • to transfer of contractual rights and obligations of this Agreement to a third party at the same time with notice toward to the Customer;
  • to establish additional forms of protection of the Service, if it is necessary because of enhancement of its protection or because of protection of the Customer, unless establishing such protection creates additional costs to the Customer or unless the Customer agreed with these additional costs or asked for such establishment of additional protection of the Service;
  • to change a time period for which invoices (tax documents) shall be issued to the Customer on a regular basis (hereinafter referred to as ,,the billing period");
  • to additionally invoice items of the Service that could not be included in the invoice issued for the period in which these items were provided due to technical reasons or due to additional order by the Customer;
  • to
  • if consented by Customer, to inform the Customer about products and development concerning the Service and other activities of the Provider via e-mail or by any other proper means; such information shall not be considered as an unsolicited e-mail (spam);
  • (spam), please see our Privacy Policy for further information on how and why we send such emails to our Clients;
  • to ex parte diversify or change functional or technical specification of the Service or refine Customer interface to access the Service, if this diversification, change or refinement is in compliance with the latest expert knowledge in the relevant field or if it undoubtedly contributes to a Customer comfort when making use of the Services;
  • to suspend or restrict providing the Service without any previous notification in justified cases, especially during planned maintenance, technical inspections, revisions, repairs on technical devices through which the Service is provided or because of power blackout, cases of emergency, terrorist attacks, epidemics and in other force majeure cases;
  • to refuse to provide the Service to the Customer, if the provision of the Service was temporarily suspended before or if the Provider or other provider doing business in the same field withdraw from contract for repeated or serious obligation default by the Customer;
  • to conclude an out-of-court settlement or other settlement with a third party;
  • to surrender the domain in favour of a third party, i.e. to transfer the domain to a person who made a lawfully lawful claim;
  • to transfer the domain to any other third party at their discretion,
  • to take other measures or to deal with the domain otherwise so that no damage could occur to the Provider;
  • to withdraw from the Agreement with immediate effect and to terminate the Services immediately, if the Customer places prohibited contents (see I.III.D. article) to the devices of the Provider. In this case the Customer does not get fee refund.
  • to withdraw from the Agreement with immediate effect, to terminate the Services immediately and to enforce his compensation claim on a legal way for the for the losses and injuries caused by the Customer, if the Customer places prohibited content(s) to content on the devices of the Provider or and/or uses the Services to distribute, support or accommodate prohibited content(s) content (see I.III.D. article). In the case, regulated in present paragraph, the Customer does not get fee refund;
  • refund and is fined Terms of Service violation fine of €100 and clean-up fee of €50;
  • to provide the Customer with a discounted fee or a preferential tariff in return the Customer undertakes contractual loyalty time
  • to provide the Customer to with a discounted fee or a preferential tariff beyond the contractual loyalty time.

Provider does not knowingly provide or offer services to anyone under the age of 18. Provider has the right to cancel and terminate services and withdraw from the Agreement with immediate effect at any time if the Provider possesses irrefutable evidence that the Customer is under the age of 18.

I.III.B./ Obligations of the Provider

Provider is obliged

  • to provide the Customer with help and technical support via Help Desk.

_Help Desk_means (Help Desk means a Customer care centre that exercises all the requirements and notifications of the Provider concerning the provided Service towards each Customer, it provides the Customer with technical support and accepts his warranties, complaints, requests and other claims.

  • via Help Desk to respond the Customer's request within 15 days and to give suggestion for solution.
  • to ensure server Service functionality;
  • to update software on a regular basis, in terms of functionality and safety of server;
  • Service;
  • to take precautions to lower or entirely eliminate any possible failures in the Service provision;
  • to perform planned precautionary Service disconnection for the purpose of control, maintenance or replacement of hardware, or if needed for software setup or update (hereinafter referred to as ,,the Service disconnection");
  • to inform in advance about planned Service disconnection on their web site, possibly by e- mail e-mail or by any other proper means to notify concerned Customers thereof;
  • to meet other obligations as follows from the Agreement and these GTCs;
  • to notify the Customer without undue delay ­ at least 24 hours in advance ­ of any possible foreseeable restrictions, suspensions or changes to the provision of the Service or planned measures in the Internet network and on devices of the Provider or a third party that may influence the provision of the Service.

I.III.C./ Rights of the Customer

The Customer is entitled particularly:

  • to make use of the Services provided by the Provider under the conditions set out in these GTCs, and not to be interfered with other Customer or third party or Provider when making use of using the Services;
  • to approach contact the Help Desk with their requests, complaints and suggestions,
  • to choose any domain from the Provider's offer or from free domains in accordance with relevant domain registration rules;
  • to the provision of complete and true information about facts that might influence the quality and stability of the Services provided by the Provider, namely in a sufficient advance, if such provision of information is possible and expectable regarding the circumstances and situation;
  • to make use of given space and FTP access solely for the purpose of placing, respectively updating website;

I.III.D./ Obligations of the Customer

The Customer is obliged to provide his the following data for to Provider:

  1. if the Customer is a natural person: his full name, his permanent address, his postal address if it is not the same as permanent address, address and his e-mail address;
  2. if the Customer is organization: a legal entity: the name of the organization, its registration number and/or its tax number, its address of site, official corporate seat, the name of its leader and the data of the leader like in section i. The leader is obliged to send his or her specimen of signature for the Provider electronically (via (either through ticket section or via e-mail).

The Customer is fully liable for damages caused by inaccurate and out-of-date personal data.

The Customer is obliged to pay fee for the services.

The Customer is particularly obliged to use legally the devices and the services of the Provider. Provider for legal purposes only. According to the above prohibited:

this statement it is prohibited to use Provider's services:

  • to promote prostitution, to promote, promote or support or engaged in drugs, human trafficking and other crimes;
  • to place contents host or promote content encouraging or it is suitable to encourage national, racial and ethnic hatred, promoting fascism, communism or other similar ideologies;
  • software gained
  • to host or promote illegally obtained software for the purpose of its further sale and and/or providing to third parties;
  • to use such servers focusing on an host or promote unsolicited e-mail advertising of any kind and unsolicited bulk email delivery (spam) spread;
  • to use servers operations;
  • in a way which excessively overloading leads to excessive overload of the line;
  • to use servers available resources;
  • in a way which violating violates copyright or other intellectual property rights (e.g.: music files, movie files and so on);
  • to use any servers on), this includes hosting such content or promoting such activity;
  • in a way that can even partly be included into the above-mentioned categories;
  • to store or to distribute data violating laws of Hungary or the European Union;

The Customer is obliged

  • to notify the Provider via Help Desk or via Customer web interface made accessible by the Provider through the Internet network for the Service during the existence of the contractual relationship:
    1. of changes to the Contact name at the latest within 10 days from such a change;
    2. of all changes to the identification and billing data at the latest within 10 days from such a change;
    3. to notify the Provider without undue delay of all facts known by the Customer that might negatively influence providing the Services by the Provider;
  • to uphold the effect of the present GTCs during the contractual loyalty time, if not, he is obliged to pay liquidated damages (the sum of liquidated damages is defined in the SLA);
  • remaining sum of the expected payments under the loyalty contract and an additional €120 fee for early cancellation);
  • to use the Services Service in a way that might does not disproportionately limit other Customers in making use using of such Services, or that might not disproportionately limit the Service and Provider otherwise;
  • in providing the Service;
  • to pay the Price for the provided Service as well as all the fees related to providing the Services in accordance with the Agreement and the Price list, namely based on a tax document (invoice) issued and delivered by the Provider by e-mail or in writing;
  • to make use of the Services in accordance with the laws of Hungary, the Agreement and possible directions and instructions by the Provider;
  • to block access to his website towards the Hungarian market, if the Customer does business activity which bound to permission by Hungarian Authority and he does not have such kind of permission (e.g. the Customer sells medicine or organizes gambling).

The Customer may not to provide the Services provided by the Provider to a third party without previous written consent of the Provider.

The Customer is aware of their possible criminal liability under Act C. of 2012. Penal Code for a conduct contrary to the provisions of the stated act.

II. Special provisions

II.I. Dedicated Server services

This and any other agreement with the Provider of Dedicated Server does not grant or entitle, expressly or otherwise, any right, title or interest in the hardware (including, but not limited to any server) of the Provider of Dedicated Server.

The exact details you may find in the Service Level Agreement on Provider's website.

II.II. Co-location Services

The co-location service includes the technical elements which are defined in the SLA.

The Provider is entitled to recourse to a subcontractor and to assign this contract to a third party.

To these the Customer approval is not needed.


The service provider gains access to the service access point during the full year in respect of possible uptime of 99.5% of the service availability.

Additional fee is payable for installing the racks, cabinets, cages, custom space, electrical circuits, fiber optic connections, cable, panels and other items necessary for the Equipment to function in the Space, plus a prepayment equal to the number of month's recurring fees determined by Provider in the SLA.Contract.

The exact details you may find in the Service Level Co-location Agreement on Provider's website.

II.III. Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

The exact details you may find in the Service Level Agreement on Provider's website.

II.IV. Web-hosting

II.IV.A./ Server Set-Up and Updating

Provider will initially configure the web server and the hosting account for use. After the hosting account is configured, Customer will be solely responsible for all account content management.

II.IV.B./ Maintenance Services

Provider will perform maintenance services as Provider determines reasonably necessary to maintain the continuous operation of the hosting account. Customer acknowledges such maintenance may require Web server and hosting account downtime, and such downtime will not count as breaching the contract. Provider will attempt to provide prior notice of maintenance downtime except when circumstances beyond Provider's control limit Provider's ability to do so.

II.IV.C./ Account Usage

Customer shall not use

  1. excessive amounts of CPU processing on Customer's Web server, or
  2. bandwidth or disk usage in excess of the monthly amount ordered. Customer acknowledges any violation of this policy may result in corrective action by Provider, in its sole discretion, including assessment of additional charges or disconnection or discontinuance of any and all Services to Customer.

In the event that Provider decides to take corrective action, Customer shall not be entitled to a refund of any fees paid in advance prior to such corrective action.

II.IV.D./ Customer shall be solely responsible for

  1. the development, operation, and maintenance of Customer's Web site and products and all content and materials appearing within the Web site or related to Customer's products;
    1. the accuracy and appropriateness of content and materials appearing within the Web site or related to Customer's products,
    2. ensuring that the content and materials appearing within the Web site or related to Customer's products do not violate or infringe upon the rights of any third party,
    3. ensuring that the content and materials appearing within the Web site or related to Customer's products are not libelous or otherwise illegal;
  2. the final calculation and application of sales tax or any other tax;
  3. accepting, processing, and filling any Customer orders, and for handling any Customer inquiries or complaints arising therefrom; and
  4. the security of any Customer credit card numbers and related Customer information Customer may access as a result of conducting electronic commerce transactions through the Web server software.

II.IV.E./ IP Address Ownership

Provider and/or Provider's service providers shall maintain and control ownership of all IP numbers and addresses that may be assigned to Customer by Provider, and Provider reserves in its sole discretion, the right to change or remove any and all such IP numbers and addresses.

II.IV.F./ Caching

Customer grants Provider a license to cache the entirety of Customer's Web site (including content provided by third parties) hosted by Provider, and agrees such caching is not an infringement of any of Customer's intellectual property rights or any third party's intellectual property rights.

III. Final provisions

GOVERNING LAWS: The agreement between you and the Provider shall be governed in all respects by the laws of Hungary. The parties to irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of Budapest District Court for the courts of Budapest. The IV. and XV. Districts. The Parties may differ from the above written in special case by a joint written agreement.

This GTCs is executed and concluded in English language.

By signing this Agreement the Contracting Parties declare that they are entitled to enter into this contract, their contractual capacity are not subject to any restrictions, so they are entitled and obliged under the present contract.

ServerAstra Ltd. GTCs Valid from: 2015.09.21.2018.07.11.